Dan is truly a joy to work with.  We went from our first meeting to closing on an amazing condo within 2 months.  He is organized, responsive, professional, and genuine. I couldn't be happier with the decision to work with Dan during our house hunt, and I will be recommending him enthusiastically to everyone I know. He is very experienced and knowledgable, while also being a pleasure to spend time with, making the house-hunting experience far more enjoyable.

---Rachel S.

Dan is friendly, funny, hard-working, and he cares about his client's experiences through the transaction process. He just helped me--a single librarian--purchase a house here in San Francisco! He kept his cool even as I fretted, and he helped me make practical decisions. And, unlike other agents I've known, he never pushed me to make decisions that were financially uncomfortable. He's a winner.

---Christina W.

I was so very fortunate to have found Dan to handle the largest transaction of my life, the sale of my house!  Over the next 38 days, he proved my trust. We not only closed in that short period of time, Dan and his team orchestrated the staging, marketing and even  my moving. Dan was very knowledgable, positive and a pleasure to work with. The sale was a success!

---Robert S.

Dan is not only a good friend, but also an amazing realtor with a great deal of knowledge of real estate, and the ability to pinpoint the right houses for a weekend search. He knows his stuff, but he also has such a calming sense about him that it made the process of buying our 2nd home much easier, and less stressful. We very much appreciate Dan's no-nonsense process on finding the right house for us given our budgets, and other constraints; he tells it like it is, and that's important when making such a large purchase. If he didn't think a neighborhood or specific house was right for us, he would tell us along with his sound reasoning. Dan was there every step of the way, and was even available after hours to answer questions or even just to calm us down during the final stages of an offer. Above all, Dan has an attitude of respect for his clients as he understands what purchasing a house means, and how getting to know his clients' needs right from the get go really helps the process go smoothly. He doesn't force anything on you that doesn't fit what you're looking for. He listens to you. Thanks for everything, Dan. We will be using your services again in the future.

---Jake B.

Dan displayed exceptional real estate heroism when helping us buy our house in San Francisco during the 2015 frenzy. We had a VA loan (strike one), didn't have all cash (strike two), couldn't spend a million (strike three), and had a very compressed timeline due to losing our rental (strike four!). Even with these strikes against us, Dan kept us in the game and truly knocked this transaction out of the park. He intelligently prepared candidate homes for tours and made sure we spent our scarce time wisely. When the miracle occurred and a seller accepted our offer, he patiently coached the entire buying/selling team over the extra VA hurdles (and, in some cases, not over the hurdles but around them). We felt 100% confident in Dan and trusted him completely to speak for us in all matters. He was remarkably responsive in all communications channels. One thing we most appreciated about Dan was his reassuring bedside manner that kept us encouraged and in the market after experiencing repeated rejected offers (sellers dislike the VA loan). Overall, Dan was such a genuine pleasure to work with. He always made us feel like we were his only client.

--- Mark D.

Dan is a terrific realtor and is a pleasure to work with. I found him to be smart, responsive, knowledgeable, patient, and very effective. In this tough San Francisco real estate market, it makes a huge difference to work with someone who has knowledge of the general area and specific neighborhood details. He is an excellent resource for helping to realistically evaluate the pros and cons of properties, neighborhoods, pricing and other factors. Dan has a great reputation with his colleagues and other agents which always makes for pleasant interactions when touring properties in the city, making offers, etc. He is friendly and professional when dealing with others and has clearly established himself as an important member of the Realtor community. We looked at many properties over a period of several weeks, and early on Dan listened and made sure he understood my likes, dislikes and budget so he never wasted my time showing me places that fell outside of my parameters. Dan really helped me navigate the market, and calmly manage the positive and negative elements of the experience. Ultimately, we strategized together, made good decisions, and I ended up purchasing a wonderful new home that I am very excited about. I can very highly recommend working with Dan for anything to do with real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

--Herb S.

Dan's former career as a Trial Lawyer was truly valuable when it comes to his negotiation skills and overall keeping everyone out of trouble. Thank you so much Dan!

---Chad D.

Dan is the best. Look no further. We were first time home-buyers and we cannot thank Dan enough for the expertise he lent during the process. House hunting can be long, tedious and overwhelming at times and it is important to have a calm, astute person like Dan to guide you through the process. We also found him to be extremely responsive and straightforward.

---Deepak R.